Jumat, 15 November 2013

gnomeo dan juliete

Gnomeo dan juliet

This story tells of two neighboring houses were inhabited by a woman and a man . That they both have a very beautiful rear garden which is dominated by red and blue colors . In the park there are also statues of red and blue hat .

Like its owner , the statues of red and blue hat was never familiar , always fight every day . when there are homeowners in their home should be silent statue , but after the homeowner was not at home they should partying dwarves and attacked each other with each other to destroy the park . one day Gnomeo ( blue sculpture ) and Juliet ( red sculpture ) met with accident they fell in love. but their love is hindered by the hostility of their group , they also met secretly . they also intend to step away from their group and build a garden together. but their intentions known by one of the groups named benny blue . after benny benny know that they plan to run and amid the journey he met a group of red , and then the group mereh benny was attacked with a shovel and his hat was gone . Gnomeo who know the events immediately avenge the act red group broke up , all angry red group and pursue Gnomeo Gnomeo Gnomeo falls to the streets to highway and was hit by a truck , everyone thought Gnomeo already destroyed hit by a truck . ternyat Gnomeo but not destroyed and taken away by dogs . benny is thought dead Gnomeo wanted to avenge the red group . he was a very sophisticated tractors ordered via the Internet . pound tractor every few hours already posted on their mission of destruction began , benny trartor driving the red and into the garden devastated but all did not go smoothly because they can not control the tractor he also destroyed his first own the blue garden . after all destroyed both groups attacked each other , while Gnomeo up at home all have been destroyed and attacked each other . he saw juliet glued directly on the tower and to free Gnomeo juliet but it did not work because the tractor toward kemenara and hit the tower , all was destroyed but Gnomeo and juliat survived the incident , all agreed to bury the hatchet and forget all their hostility events , Gnomeo and juliet also got ristu of their group and live happy , red and blue groups also live along forever .